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Below is a list of suppliers of everything for your model Railway –
Technical information, hobby shops and specialist suppliers to build your perfect Model Rail layout.

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Advanced IC Engineering, Inc.
Circuit board electrical design, layout, manufacturing and testing.
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Famous in this area is the digital LED board with integrated decoder.
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Anachip Corporation has an extensive product offering that includes power management ICs (Linear/Switching Regulators), hall ICs, and programmable logic devices (PLD), as well as VFD drivers and diodes.
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Archer Transfer
Archer Surface Details
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Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc.
Atlas currently manufacture track, locomotives, rolling stock and structures in N, HO, O and O-27 scales.
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Australian Modeller
Big range of Locomotives, Rolling Stock and any accessories for the Modeller.
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Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies extensive product range includes Airbrushes and Compressors as well as Epoxy, Polyester, Fibreglass, RTV Silicone Rubbers, Polyurethane, Foams and Resins, Latex Rubber, Release Agent, Metal Powder, Carving Wax, Clay for Sculpting and Sculpting Tools, Thermoplastics such as Wonderflex®, Fosshape® and the Worbla range.
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Bachmann Trains
Is now known for its extensive and award-winning line of model railroading products, but the company started in 1833 as a producer of handcrafted ivory accessories, beginning a 180-year commitment to quality that continues to this day.
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Broadway Limited Imports

We are best known for pioneering on-board sound in HO scale locomotives in 2002. And now, Broadway Limited continues to lead the model railroading world with cutting-edge electronics, synchronous smoke and the most realistic and powerful sound available. We pride ourselves on taking the necessary innovative and technological investments that make our hobby better.
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A French supplier of a wide range of European Models
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cT Elektronik
Creation of digital sound projects for DCC decoders, featuring an extensive library of authentic sounds for British locomotives.
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CVP Products
Specialize in the design, manufacturing, sales and servicing of the most popular model railroad control products. AIRWIRE is our wireless control system for garden railroads. microAIRWIRE is a new AIRWIRE product series specifically designed to add battery operation and wireless control for scales as small as HO. miniAIRWIRE is a product specifically designed to add wireless control with on-board battery power for O, S, Sn3, and On3. The miniature CONVRTR has 2.5 Amps of continuous output power.
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Dietz Modellbahntechnik
Highest quality level sounds with 22050 Hz, 16 Bit, 9 parallel channels. Maximum 380 seconds sound memory. Sounds according to actual locomotive situation.
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With Digitrax you can run many trains at the same time just like on the real railroad. You can operate lights and sounds on the trains and at fixed locations around the layout. You can set up detection and signaling so you'll know where your trains are at all times with Digitrax Transponding technology.
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Doehler & Haas
The locomotive decoder DH05C, DH10C, DH12A, DH16A, DH18A and DH21A are compatible with the protocols of
SelecTRIX Standard SX1 and SX2 as well as with NMRA-DCC and MM1/MM2-Standard. They can be controlled by
Every central unit working with one of these data formats. They can be used for normal
direct current motors as well as for coreless motors.
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DCCconcepts itself revolves solely around model railways and the equipment, tools, techniques and special items that, combined with good information, a will to do it well and a little practice, make it possible to turn any model into something very special.
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Electronic Solutions Ulm GmbH & Co KG
We develop, produce and sell articles around model railroad and model building. No matter if you are a model railroader or if you pursue marine, airplane or car modelling: Some of our products might help you to experience an even more realistic way of modelling and thus having a lot more fun with your hobby.
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Gebr. Fleischmann GmbH & Co.
Fleischmann focuses on the two gauges H0 and N. The H0 scale has always been the focal point of German railway history. Fleischmann is not only the specialist for steam locomotives, it also brings the railway of the future onto the tracks with the very latest model developments such as the ICE BR 407.
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Haber & Koenig Electronics GmbH
Choose the most popular programs from Audio & Video software for building automation: It’s electronics sector, is the switch-all-rounder called the u::Lux Switch.
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We have the following manufacturer list of,
• IHC • Atlas • Bachmann • Broadway Ltd • Classic Metal Works • Con-Cor • EKO • Imex • Kato • Liliput • Mantua • Mehano • Micro Trains • Model Power • Walthers
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JMRI is a Java-based cross-platform program suite for model railroaders. Programming of Digital Command Control (DCC) decoders (DecoderPro®) Drawing computer based panels for depicting a model railroad layout (PanelPro™ and Layout Editor) Controlling the layout (All modules).
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Quality Products Company is proud that its Magne-Matic® couplers are regarded as “the hobby’s most respected couplers,” and in fact have become “The Standard by Choice” of model railroaders around the world.
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Rail transport modelling scales and Rail transport modelling standards.
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Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk
The first LGB locomotives and cars were presented 40 years ago and since then the real life original has been the prototype for our LGB models. Right from the start the emphasis was on authentic translation of the prototypes into models. The reproduction of many details is just much a part of LGB as working features for play and fun.
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Littfinski DatenTechnik
We offer high quality Digital Electronic Components for the digital control of model-railways as low cost kits or fully tested finished modules at very competitive prices.
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Gebr. Maerklin & Cie. GmbH
Märklin products, which include starter sets in H0, Digital and Z Gauge.
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Massoth Elektronik, GmbH
Has set the standard for quality sound systems. First with analog sound systems and more recently with digital sound systems. The growing demand for more sophisticated DCC systems in recent years afforded us the ability to become the leading supplier for DCC systems.
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Model Electronic Railway Group
Is an international, UK based group promoting interest in the application of electronics & computers to all aspects of railway modelling.
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Model Rectifier Corp.
More than a half century ago, MRC began designing model railroad train controls with a level of realism and power previously unavailable. Today, MRC's technology-rich Tech 6 & Tech 7 and Prodigy DCC lead a long list of MRC engineered train controls and sound systems.
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What Goes On At A National Model Railroad Convention?
There’s a lot more than you think! Whether you’re an NMRA member or not, take a look at our video to find out all the exciting things you can enjoy that will add a whole new dimension to your hobby!
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NCE Corporation
NCE has been developing and manufacturing DCC Products since 1993. We have grown into a full time electronic design and manufacturing firm devoted entirely to the development and sale of products for the control of model railroads.
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QS Industries
What do you get when you combine the horsepower of the FX decoder (Sold by QSI solutions as Titan) with Q3 technology?
We call it "The Emulator"
You won't get any more realistic train operation unless you are sitting in the engineers seat. Emulator software is now available for download into FX units from QSI Solutions.
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Specialising in affordable electronics for model railroads.The following are: LocoBuffer-USB Rev-n, MotorMan, WatchMan, TowerMan, SignalMan, and LNCP (LocoNet Control Point).
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You may be interested in some of the following products:
• 'ACE' DCC Controller & Accessories
• IMP Digital Servo Controller
•SIGM20 signal controller
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Has been designing and manufacturing the latest in state-of-the-art sound systems for the discriminating model railroader since 1990.
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Controlling model railroad operation increasingly uses DCC, and the SPROG family of DCC devices offers the ideal solution for programming and maintaining your fleet of DCC-equipped locomotives, in any scale from Z to G.
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Haber & Koenig Electronics GmbH
Choose the most popular programs from Audio & Video software for building automation: It’s electronics sector, is the switch-all-rounder called the u::Lux Switch.
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We have the following manufacturer list of,
• IHC • Atlas • Bachmann • Broadway Ltd • Classic Metal Works • Con-Cor • EKO • Imex • Kato • Liliput • Mantua • Mehano • Micro Trains • Model Power • Walthers
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STP Software
User’s layouts and reports for switchboards. Moderate scale layout with many operation possibilities. Specialty: integration of a DCC controlled model car part.
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Tams Elektronik GmbH
This manual applies to all locomotive decoders of the series 30, so for: locomotive decoder LD-G-30, locomotive decoder LD-G-32, locomotive decoder LD-W-32.
Provided there are no other details given for particular sections, the information given applies to all decoders.
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The Signaling Solution, Inc.
Featured products for the following: BD8 Block Occupancy Detector, MSC Master Signal Controller, GCC Grade Crossing Controller, GCX Grade Crossing Expander plus much more.
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Trix HO & Minitrix N
Selected Trix products, which include starter sets and the wheel cleaners. H0 Standard Items H0 C Track H0 Systems Minitrix N Scale Export Exclusive.
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Viessmann Modellspielwaren GmbH
With our traffic-light system you can see availability: Green = available Yellow = less stock Red = out of stock, will be disposed.

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Zimo Elektronik
The “Swiss mapping” was originally introduced for the loco lighting is required by Swiss locomotives. It is also used widely for locos of other countries. The purpose of the "Swiss mapping" is to switch the various states of the locomotive lighting with different function keys, i.e. for situations like driving a single locomotive, cars coupled on driver’s cab 1, or at the driver's cab 2, push-pull, shunting, etc. ZIMO decoders offer between 6 and 10 function outputs (with the exception of a few miniature decoders), large-scale decoders even more.
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ZTC Controls
ZTC Controls was one of the first companies to introduce DCC to the British market, following on from the introduction of Zero One.
The 511 desk is still regarded as the most realistic model controller on the market and, due to its advanced design, still features the Real Feel control system which “puts you in the cab” be it steam era or modern image.